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Held every Tuesday from 6:00 to 7:15 pm in La Kretz 101 for Spring 2023

Once you have been accepted to attend a trip with GMT at UCLA be sure to join us each week to prepare for clinic abroad!



Topics covered each week to prepare trippers for diagnostic assessment

  1. Week 1: Information Sessions

  2. Week 2: Applications Due

  3. Week 3: Patient Interview & Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat (EENT)

  4. Week 4: Heart and Lungs

  5. Week 5: Skin and Parasites

  6. Week 6: Abdomen

  7. Week 7: Urology, Gynecology, and Sexual Health

  8. Week 8: Women's Health

  9. Week 9: How to Write Prescriptions

  10. Week 10: Final Mock Clinic

  11. Finals Week: No meeting or workshop. Good luck on finals!


Practice clinical case scenarios correspond to workshop topics

Mock clinics will be held after workshop each week. The clinics are catered to the conditions in the country of travel and are run by the GMT officers and prepare trippers for patient interactions abroad. Executive board members and directors will act as patients and physicians for trippers to develop their diagnostic and bedside manner skills.


It is important our students are accustomed with basic Spanish for clinic

Weekly Spanish training during meeting will provide trippers with the basic introductory phrases and medical vocabulary. No previous Spanish skill is required to attend a GMT trip because there will be translators in the clinic abroad.


We seek to promote sustainability through public health initiatives

Throughout the quarter, trippers will participate in interactive public health workshops covering principles of global health ethics and cultural competence and how these translate to student conduct on trips. We will discuss major themes and issues in the field of global health as well as what life is like in the country trippers will be visiting.


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