Interested in becoming a member of Global Medical Training at UCLA? Follow the steps below!


Become a General Member


The following application is for general membership with GMT for 2021-2022. After you submit, you will receive an email with an admission decision. If accepted, a link to our Slack workspace will be sent in your acceptance email.

General member applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and you can apply at any time during the academic year!

Apply for a Trip


Submit an application for the trip you wish to attend in order to be considered for a spot. Trips for the current academic year are listed below.

Applications for our Winter break 2021 and Spring 2022 break trips are now closed. 

Register and Pay


Upon acceptance, you will need to register and pay for the trip you are attending by the deadline. For the Spring 2022 trip to Peru over Summer, these two steps must be completed by Tuesday April 19th. Please note that registration and payment are two separate steps to be completed on the GMT organization website.

This step is only to be completed by members who have been accepted to attend an upcoming trip.


We are excited to announce that Global Medical Training is tentatively resuming trips fas of the 2021-2022 academic year. The following are dates and locations for scheduled tips for our GMT chapter at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Winter Break — Dec 10-17, 2022


  • When: December 10-17, 2022

  • Where: Dominican Republic

  • Duration: 8 days & 7 nights

  • Airport: Las Américas International Airport (SDQ) in Santo Domingo

  • Trip Application: due Oct 11th by 11:59 pm—Monday of week 3

  • Registration & Payment: October 7th by 11:59 pm—Friday of week 2

Spring Break — March 19-26, 2022


  • When: March 19-26, 2022

  • Where: Panama

  • Duration: 8 days & 7 nights

  • Airport: Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panamá

  • Trip Application: due Jan 14th by 11:59 pm—Friday of week 2

  • Registration & Payment: due February 5th by 8:59 pm—Saturday of week 5

Application Closed

Summer — June 12-19, 2022


  • When: June 12-19, 2022

  • Where: Peru

  • Duration: 8 days & 7 nights

  • Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) in Callao

  • Trip Application: due April 8th by 11:59 pm—Friday of week 2

  • Registration & Payment: due February 5th by 8:59 pm—Saturday of week 5



About the countries our GMT chapter currently travels to

Most Recent Trip: December 2021


The Dominican Republic is a nation located in the Caribbean region. It is on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago. The western third of Hispaniola is the nation of Haiti, making Hispaniola one of two Caribbean islands that are occupied by two countries, Saint Martin being the other. GMT often takes trips to Santo Domingo.

Most Recent Trip: March 2018


Nicaragua, lays between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Central American nation's capital, Managua, sits on just outside of the West coast. North of the city you can find the iconic Vast Lake Managua and stratovolcano Momotombo. It is no surprise that Nicaragua is known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, and beaches.