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Information and resources below detail measures we take and ones you can to ensure your safety abroad


The following link to travelers' health information pages from for each country respectively


If illness occurs on the trip, we are traveling with doctors, so your child could not be in better hands. We also have medical supplies with our group, so anything they may need can be taken care of. As for a more serious health concern, hospitals are accessible as well. There will always be an adult to be able to assist a tripper if they have any health concerns. 

Going to see a primary care physician or travel nurse prior to the trip is highly recommended. Being updated on all shots and getting any preventative medication (e.g. doxycycline for Malaria, stool softeners, etc.) is beneficial. 

If you has any allergies or dietary restrictions, they will be accommodated accordingly. 


The GMT organization makes safety their number one priority. At all times, two staff members are accompanying the group as well as a student trip leader. The students are kept track of closely and the group is required to stay together at all times. Because the staff lives in the country GMT is visiting, they are well informed about the safety of each area of the country. GMT makes sure that the group is in the safest areas possible for all activities. 

The hotels are also pre-screened for safety and quality, as we want the trippers to be as safe as possible. 


It is natural to have concerns when your child approaches you about an international medical trip, concerns will arise. GMT is here to put all of these worries at ease and assure you that your children will be safe while they have one of the most rewarding experiences of their life. Please contact us at with any concerns.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides travel information for every country we visit on the Travelers' Health portion of their website. They list all required and recommended vaccinations as well as suggest preventative measures.

Additionally the U.S. Department of State website provides country specific information regarding travel advisory, passport requirements, and more.

Check out the links above! 

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